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None of this has not been waiting and hoping, but ... "I'm sorry to have removed its fourth season!" - Heralded Sunrise and returned favorite characters, all of whom have managed to miss on the screens. Ёrozuya, Snack HSE, Shinsengumi and Joey - in good old-Edo period still remain. Still, the local disaster happen and universal scale, and to prevent them and save the world once again have our cheerful and reckless heroes. Next, Gintama! Among the new extreme adventures, new heights of sparkling humor, new unexpected plot twists! Take out the brains of the audience once again! We deserve it!

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After the unpleasant events associated with the branch "Sanctuary of unity," the International Federation "Vanguard" announces an incredible quest. Those who carry it out, will be neither more nor less - as a candidate for one of the leaders of the clans. Naturally, the tests are coming is not easy, because in the fight are going to include plenty of the strongest fighters. And under cover of this event Koji Ibuki, called for help of old friends, activates a "plan G». Than it threatens our heroes - it is unknown, but Shindo Chrono, Kiba Zion Anjo Tokoha not going to retreat before any difficulties. Hot Blog | No porn, no xxx ads, no sex | Сайт обо всем, без порно и траха, анал и секс отсутствуют, не проститутки, а модели, Escort.